Huawei and China Unicom Conducts a Large-Scale 100G Commercial Pilot Backbone Network

Updated:2013/5/20 15:49

China Unicom is conducting a 100G network, a prelude to its mass 100G rollout. This pilot network uses Huawei's SD FEC technology over the ultra-long-haul transmission section of the 100G network.

On China Unicom's commercial 100G roadmap, this trial is intended to verify the technological maturity and feasibility of 100G on live networks. It will also provide valuable O&M experience in preparation for mass 100G deployments.

As a pioneer in the optical transport field, Huawei took the lead in launching 100G SD FEC technology and 100G OTN technology, and broke new ground again in Q1 2013 when it unveiled second-generation 100G SD FEC technology, which supports 100G transmission over 4000 km without electrical regenerators. Continuous innovations have given Huawei an edge over other players in the global commercial 100G market. By the end of Q1 2013, Huawei's 100G networks are serving more than 70 operators worldwide.

According to Ovum, the global 100G market grew by 500% in 2012, leaping to a value of $943 million. The 100G market in China kicked off in 2012 with 100G OTNs deployed by Huawei for the China Education and Research Network (CERNET) and the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT), and will take off in 2013 with 100G deployments by China's three major operators.

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