China Telecom Will Refarm 800MHz Band for LTE with Full Coverage

Updated:2016/7/19 15:03

Yang Jie, chairman of China Telecom, said at the 8th Intelligent Terminal Industry Forum on July 15 that China is soon to upgrade the network.

First, China Telecom will keep strengthening the coverage and optimizing 4G network based on 1.8GHz / 2.1GHz / CA and conduct 5G test.

Second, it will refarm 800MHz band for LTE services, which is originally used for CDMA, aiming to achieve full coverage in the first half of 2017.

Third, with vIMS based on NFV, the company plans to begin the construction of VoLTE to make itself supportive of VoLTE services in 1H17. Thus the systems & devices of China Telecom will integrate with the global industry chain.

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