China Telecom Announces Network Architecture "CTNet2025"

Updated:2016/7/12 16:31

China Telecom announced China Telecom CTNET2025 Network Architecture White Paper on July 11, starting the intelligent reconstruction of network.

The network level will be reduced during the reconstruction, and the future network of China Telecom will be more concise. The transport network latency will be not higher than 30 ms in 90% areas of China; network type, network elements and network nodes will obviously decrease. China Telecom's network will provide network-on-demand services with ability of minute-level configuration, launch & adjustment. China Telecom will also provide custom services for subscribers. In addition, the company will achieve 80% software-based network functions and all of its service platforms will have been clouded, through which its services can be deployed.

In terms of network evolution, China Telecom will optimize network structure to keep itself adaptable to the cloud computing IDC layout and to guarantee HD video distribution and introduce SDN into IP network and transport network, and NFV to the edge of core network and MAN to achieve scalability, intelligent scheduling and open of network.

China Telecom is estimated to complete the network reconstruction before 2025.

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