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China plans to build a united government data open platform by 2018

Updated:2015/10/10 10:48

Relevant responsible person of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said recently, China will build a unified state government data open platform by 2018, with the purpose of promoting the unified convergence and centralized open of the government and public departments data resources to the society and achieving one-stop open services of the society-oriented government data resources.

The State Council has recently issued the "Action Outline on Promoting the Development of Big Data". Relevant person in charge of the NDRC said that China will strengthen the general control and management of data resources and give priority to the open of data resources in relevant fields. China will accelerate the directory list establishment of government data resources, based on these government data properties, China will strengthen the state general control and management of the data resources in all the departments by “giving priority to the increment”.

He said, China will promote the making of open plans of the government data, establish the security responsibility mechanisms, implement the responsibilities for department data open and maintenances and definite the time nodes and route maps of the open of data resources in all the departments. China will preferentially promote the open of government data resources related with livelihood security services, including credit, transportation, health care, employment, social insurance, geography, culture, education, science and technology, environment, finance, statistics, meteorology and others.

The government and public departments hold a large number of data resources, which are the largest production, collection, use and distribution units of information data, but there are also imperfections in the laws and regulation systems and lack united data standards and other problems, especially the openness of data is low and the problems of “reluctant to open, afraid to open and don’t know how to open" the data still exist.

The above-mentioned people said, in order to promote the open of government data, we should establish and perfect the relevant laws and regulation systems and achieve the openness in the greatest degree. We should take time to revise and improve the government information disclosure regulations, promote the government data to be as open as possible with control of the risks, make clear the rights and obligations in this process and define the scopes and responsibilities of data open. At the same time, we should establish state general controls and managements and supervision mechanisms on the big data development, strengthen the subsequent evaluation and project audit of government information projects, intensify the audit supervision on data resources construction, open and sharing, data quality and security.

He said, we should establish a government data open platform and standard system, and realize unified open of the data resources. In addition, we should also establish the government data collection, quality control and safety management standards as soon as possible, improve the standardization of government data open and make it convenient for the social use.

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