China Mobile launched VoLTE pre-commercial services in Beijing

Updated:2015/11/10 10:12

Last Thursday, China Mobile Beijing branch announced to provide VoLTE pre-commercial services and launched the VoLTE-based “4G HD voice” service, which will bring brand new communication experiences for nearly 10 million 4G subscribers in Beijing.

According to the responsible person of China Mobile Beijing branch, during the pre-commercial stage, customers can go to the business halls of China Mobile in Beijing to activate or close “4G HD voice” service, while 24 business halls could provide live experiences for the customers. For subscribers of China Mobile Beijing branch that have activated 4G function, they only need a mobile phone that supports VoLTE function to apply for this service.

At present, devices that support VoLTE include Huawei Mate7 (MT7-TL00, 16GB standard version), Samsung S6 (SM-G9208), China Mobile N1 (M821), China Mobile N1MAX (M823) and others. It is expected that over 20 mobile phones will support VoLTE function by the end of the year and the following 4G mobile phones of mainstream vendors will also support VoLTE.

During the pre-commercial stage, “4G HD voice" service will be charged according to the existing billing manner by the call duration, the tariff is consistent with the existing ones and is taken into the customer's existing package; HD video call is charged independently by the call duration and is called free. The traffic data generated during the video call will be ignored, namely won’t be charged.

During this period, if the customers of China Mobile Beijing branch buy VoLTE mobile phones and activate “4G HD voice” service, they will enjoy monthly 100 minutes HD voice calls and 500 minutes HD video calls for free; customers already with VoLTE mobile phones could conduct system upgrades and activate this service to obtain the mentioned privilege.

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