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Thursday 24 April 2014
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NSA Spying Won't Impact Huawei's Growth

April 24 2014  Tags:NSA|Huawei

Huawei will continue to stabilize its senior leadership and isn't discouraged by reported NSA spying activities.

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China mobile Zong wins Pakistan's 3G, 4G spectrum

April 24 2014  Tags:China mobile|Pakistan|3G|4G

Pakistan raised 1.1 billion U.S. dollars in its first auction for 3G and 4G mobile phone networks on Wednesday and China Mobile Pakistan, or Zong, emerged the sole winner of Pakistan 4G spectrum license and one of four winners of the country's 3G spectrum licenses.

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Vodafone Australia is lobbying the Federal Government to help break Telstra's stranglehold over the

April 24 2014  Tags:Vodafone|Federal

Vodafone Australia is lobbying the Federal Government to help break Telstra's stranglehold over the regional mobile phone market in WA, urging the coalition to open up a flagged $100 million investment in mobile black spots to a "co-investment" strategy.

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The promise of a faster Internet for L.A.

April 24 2014  Tags:AT&T|Los Angeles

AT&T's announcement that it might extend ultra-high-speed broadband service to Los Angeles and dozens of other communities across the country was greeted with no small amount of skepticism from the digital punditocracy.

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Apple resets the clock as investors await next big thing

April 24 2014  Tags:Apple

On Wednesday, the company surprised Wall Street with news that it sold more iPhones in the March quarter than even the most bullish analysts had expected.

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Qualcomm's quarterly revenue growth dwindles, shares fall

April 24 2014  Tags:Qualcomm|revenue

Qualcomm Inc on Wednesday posted its smallest quarterly revenue increase since 2010 as it wrestles with a smartphone market that is losing steam and shifting to China, sending its shares lower.

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Cisco Launches Managed Threat Defense Service

April 23 2014  Tags:Cisco

Cisco launched a Managed Threat Defense security service that applies real-time, predictive analytics to detect attacks and protect against advanced malware across customers' extended networks.

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NSN Opens in Myanmar

April 23 2014  Tags:NSN|Myanmar

Nokia Solutions and Networks has opened two new offices in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar, to support domestic customers.

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